14 days / 250 participants
17 workshops / 6 speakers
One amazing experience

2016, August 1-15



Santiago Rubio, Nuretdin Seker, Patrick Birke

The team:

Larissa Younes, Martina Abela, Michaela Borg, Špela Ščančar, Pamela Mansour, Jonas Pabst, Julian Nydegger, Altin Racaj, Sihana Shalaj, Eli Catalán

The story:

The name Captura means „capture“ in Romanian. With that name we wanted to communicate the soul of our workshop, which is to capture the experience and the should of MEDS during those two weeks. The workshop was lead by a team of three tutors: Nuretdin Seker, Patrick Birke and myself (Santiago Rubio). And our goal was that at the end oft he workshop every participant had not only learned the basics of photography and photographic equipment but also have a small finished project to show to the MEDS community.

The participants were completely free to choose whatever project they wanted to pursue as long as it fitted with the main theme of Bucharest City of Contrasts. With this we wanted to inspire creativity and curiosity in the teams members and have them experiment with the equipment we had to offer.

Among other devices we had Samsung smart phones offered by sponsors, Canon DSLRs, a couple of Nikon DSLRs and GoPros. Video recording and editing were also available for our participants to choose from for their projects.

During the two weeks oft he workshop we were surprised at the success and engagement that our participants were showing. We managed to teach the basics fast and smoothly and went right into practical lessons with the cameras. This allowed us to have more time during the second week to document and capture more raw footage. Editing was also a big factor during the second week and probably the only setback we had. In hindsight we should have made it clearer that we needed a pair of portable computers to work more efficiently, the ones we brought were not enough.


Main venue



Șoseaua Pavel Dimitrievici Kiseleff 28-30, București 011347