14 days / 250 participants
17 workshops / 6 speakers
One amazing experience

2016, August 1-15

Parcare Publica


Matteo Verazzi, Andrea Marinò, Alexandra Deganutti

The team:

Ana Jeronimo, Andjela Ratkovic,Carlota Stürmer,Diana Smiljkovic, Dunja Dunjic, Erza Rexhepi,Francesca Fortuna, Inês Mendes, Jennifer Beitel, Joseph Murphy, Maria Ivanova, Olivia Talina, Rahul Palagani, Tony Beyer

The story:

Parcare Publică is a workshop inspired by the idea of lack of space availability of apartments, where the consequences of architecture programs resulted from the communist regime have dictated lives full of compromises in many urban communities.
The three Italian architects Matteo Verazzi, Andrea Marinò and Alexandra Deganutti, starting from the master thesis work of Matteo, have come up with an unusual solution.
Their design, is composed by a storeyed metal scaffolding pavilion structure that brings private spaces into the public space as an extension of individual needs; it was an experimental installation which had multiple functions, destined for the local community to use. The inspiration comes from the many garages, often placed close to the big communist housing blocks. Actually these structures seem to be the only response to the chronic lack of private space inside the buildings, as they are mostly used as storage.
The workshop started with a request to its participants ” What also could be the garage for you? ”
In a first phase, the project has develop through the observation of the space in which it would have been placed. The identification of critical issues and potentials of the location indeed allowed the formulation of concrete answers to the needs of those who live there every day: the students of the Agronomy Campus (USAMV) of Bucharest.
Then the second step was the realization of the main metallic structure, and of the furnitures which would have been contained. The structure also, acted as a landmark, while the furnitures derived from the previously observations made.
Actually the furniture that have been made – characterized by an extremely simple and, at the same time, attractive design – are the real focus of the entire laboratory process.

Indeed, if the original intent was to project for a “residential community”, the design of the furnitures came directly from the minds of the participants. In this way, the entire workshop had been a constant construction site, open to multiple experiential experiments. On one side these furnitures, designed and constructed by the “community of participants” have been used in accordance with their visions during the hours of the day; on the other side there was the “community of residents” formed by the Campus students, who used the “garage” and its furnitures mainly during the night.
Therefore in addition to the “initially identified needs”, as a bench, a table for lunch, a hammock to rest or some tents as shelter from the sun, it would have come a trash can, or an ashtray. These new requirements, in fact, have been highlighted directly from the campus students, who – for examples – have left empty bottles of beer and some cigarettes inside the space during the night.
So the “garage” came to life: a public space in an intimate and private environment at the same time, in front of two housing blocks, along a strip of green and near to the main road.
A space in-between, capable of infinite possibilities and different social relations. A common space possible to realize even in a context where history has made the private property the only apparently possible answer.


Main venue

Parcare Publica


Șoseaua Pavel Dimitrievici Kiseleff 28-30, București 011347