14 days / 250 participants
17 workshops / 6 speakers
One amazing experience

2016, August 1-15



Maga Baryła, Barbara Drozdek, Aleksandra Łukaszewska, Eliza Biała

The team:

Aleksandra Atanasova, Marta Badurina, Klara Bilić, Audrey Boudjemaa, Eduardo Crespo, Razvan Cristea, Leto Demetriadou, Élie J. Ghattas, Rand Ghibril, Kamila Haja, Jan Marin, Marina Mersiadou, Helen Louise Needs, Tijana Radovanović, Andra Raicu, Akrivi Sakellaridi, Greta Samiş, Christina Skitsa, Natalia Stefanou, Steven Alejandro Whitehouse

The story:

The aim of the workshop was to create a pavillion with a series of benches and swings inside, all made out of plastic agricultural string, which as a material gives a lot of unique possibilities. The project explores the possiblities of manual string manipulation, based on traditional weaving and hanging techniques, while applying the principales of ruled geometries, to create an consistent architectural space made out of various elements. The construction required around 30km of string.The resulting object is particular in nature. From afar it seems like a very dense sculptural form, while from the inside, seeing the white string glimmer in the sunlight and swings be so transparent as if made out of air, one hardly has a feeling of being enclosed.

Additionally, the interior space, thought it’s divided into smaller „rooms”, retains all the visual and audial unity. But maybe the biggest surprise of all is seeing all the curved surfaces, so interesing to a human eye, while knowing, that it’s all just straight lines.
The outcome is a distinctive and fun space where everybody, from workshop participants to local children, can enjoy their time. The airiness and translucency of the pavillion makes it a place to come to relax and daydream.


Photo credits: Miruna Luiza Caragheorgheopol, Patric Birke , Maga Baryla, Mihnea Stef

Main venue

Winkle – Swing Morphology workshop


Șoseaua Pavel Dimitrievici Kiseleff 28-30, București 011347