14 days / 15 talks
12 speakers / 1 workshops
Awesome and great speakers

2016, August 1-15

Agronomy Campus

The University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine is one of the oldest educational institutes in Romania. The campus has a surface of 38 ha and hosts 7 faculties.

The campus is a small oasis in the middle of the city, containing university buildings, dorms, bars, restaurants and recreational areas along with parks, gardens, vineyards, arboreta etc.
As a result of the mix of spaces and wide areas, within the campus you can identify 3 typologies of sites: transitory, recreational and educational. Within the campus, there are three main educational areas: the Botanical Garden, the Arboretum and the Rosarium.

The Botanical Garden “I. Todor” was developed as a field of study for agriculture students starting from 1949. The garden was upgraded in 2004. The alleys and the two basins were rebuilt and plant species were added.

The Arboretum has a surface of 1,9ha. The park was designed and built 30 years ago. Didactic activities and scientific research are its main goals, but the park is also a recreational area for the public, in order to promote on-site products and services.

The Rosarium is also a didactical and experimental field in the Agronomy Campus. It is located next to the Arboretum. The limit between these two areas is marked by a long pergola.

Main venue

Agronomie-Herastrau Campus


Bulevardul Marasti 59, Bucuresti 011464