14 days / 250 participants
17 workshops / 6 speakers
One amazing experience

2016, August 1-15

Herăstrău Park

Herăstrău park was built around an artificial lake that represents its core. The shore of the lake became the favorite promenade for the high society of Bucharest since the early 20th century.
The venue is ideal for practicing all sorts of outdoor sports, from mere walks to leisure activities.
In the park there are an open-air theatre, an adventure park, a yacht club, a sports club, a skate park, a golf course and a lot of restaurants and terraces. The lake is used for boat trips and watersports.
In recent years the park was revitalized. However, some areas of the park still remain underdeveloped. Some of these spaces can be found around the lake, along the biking path.
Taking all this into consideration, Herăstrău park can become a site for various types of projects.

Main venue

Herăstrău Park


Sector 1, Bucuresti