14 days / 250 participants
17 workshops / 6 speakers
One amazing experience

2016, August 1-15

What is a tutor?

The main concept of the event is to experience working with different materials from basic cardboard & timber, to clay, adobe, plastics and many more. Both tutors and participants will experiment with several types of construction methods, from digital planning to the final result, through teamwork, sharing different skills, knowledge and experiences.
You can apply with a project idea inspired by our sites and project suggestions or come up with your own idea based on the theme City of Contrasts.
By the end of APRIL 2016 we will choose the best 15 ideas and announce them as winning projects.

Tutors have to present their project at the beginning of the MEDS event. Participants make a selection of 3 preferred projects based on your presentation. Participants choose in which project they want to collaborate depending on the tutors’ presentations. At the end of the two weeks, together with your team, you we have to present your work to the other participants and local people.

A tutor is a leader, a guide and a collaborator. You must be flexible, creative and good at solving problems. A good tutor is communicative, organized and responsible, involves the participants in all stages of the workshop, sets realistic goals has a good knowledge of English language. As a tutor or team of tutors, you have to be able to share knowledge and skills to design and/or build structures/ objects. The ability to build things is a significant aspect of being a tutor, but not a requirement. We are looking for people who have the ability to work together in a team, share ideas and concepts and who are also willing to learn and experiment. As a tutor at MEDS Bucharest, you will have the chance to prepare, organize and build a project, using the allocated time, tools and materials.
Come up with an interesting project idea, based on this year’s theme: “City of Contrasts”. We are looking for projects from which both the tutors and the participants have something to learn. A workshop is a good way to carry out design research and experiment with different materials by putting creative young minds together.

Submission process

01. Read The Provided Information

Please read all the information carefully when preparing your submission and submission form.

02. Download The Tutor Pack

Please download the Tutor Pack provided below and fill out all the necessary information.

02. Web Submission

Submit the requested information until 15.04.2016. We will get back to you in one week after submission ends.


Important notes

Below are some factors to consider:

1. Knowledge and skills

Which skills and techniques can you teach the participants? ( timber construction, photography, sewing etc. )

2. Explore

This workshop will give you the possibility to explore materials, develop techniques, come up with new solutions and study traditional and contemporary Romanian design. We suggest using recycled / sustainable materials

3. Theme

What is the connection between your project idea and the theme of the workshop? You can either be inspired by the theme, or propose something complementary. If you’re not sure, contact us – maybe we can develop the idea together.

4. The Outcome

At the end of the workshop each group has to make a short presentation about their project, from the initial design to the final result. They will present it in public, with open debate afterwards.

5. Who’s joining you

Anyone! The participants are assigned to projects based on their choices according to the Happiness Algorithm (an unbiased distribution of participants according to gender, nationality and preference).

6. Tutor team

We recommend one or two tutors per project, but for more complex proposals, we accept teams of three tutors.

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