14 days / 250 participants
17 workshops / 6 speakers
One amazing experience

2016, August 1-15


MEDS will organize exhibitions with the final products and images of the projects in different locations throughout the city.


The National Museum of Contemporary Art is located within the Palace of the Parliament. This location marks one of the most contrasting venues in Bucharest, due to its location history, with exhibition spaces distributed on 4 levels. On the top floor, there is a terrace with a bar & café overviewing the city. An annual music festival, called Rockolectiv is hosted on the terrace, it is also opened during the annual Open Museums Night, but also other private events and night parties are hosted there as well.

Final MEDS exhibition & conference/ goodbye party will be hosted in MNAC.

“Grigore Antipa” National Museum of Natural History

Grigore Antipa was a Romanian born researcher that enriched the scientific collections of the Museum through donations and by acquisition of exhibits, being supported in his endeavor by numerous personalities and institutions all over the country and abroad due to its renowned research reputation throughout his life.

The museum is organized in 3 different areas, each showcasing specific aspects  of  natural history. The semi-basement is dedicated to presenting the biodiversity of Romania, the ground floor is reserved to showcasing the biodiversity of planet Earth and the first floor represents the evolution of life, paleontology, insect world and the complexity of the human species.

Next to the Souvenir Shop inside the museum, there is a Coffee Shop where tutors and participants can relax.

Gabroveni Inn (Old City Center)

The Gabroveni Inn in the Old City Center of Bucharest was built between 1932-1934 in the Art Deco Style. Along its years of existence, this building was transformed from being an important trading post to a ruin, and now, due to a complex restoration process, it attempts to combine retaining elements of historic value whilst opening up the building to a post industrial reality where new ideas and creativity are fostered.

Gabroveni Inn is now the new headquarters of ARCUB – The Cultural Centre of Bucharest, a place for reflection, debate and interaction. The building is used for meetings, exhibitions, concerts, dance shows or theater presentations.

Well kept, the construction presents itself as a compact volume, isolated, a sculptural presence which defines the image of the area. Gabroveni Inn will host exhibitions of MEDS Workshop outputs and projects.

Old center crossroad 360 perspective :


University of Architecture and Urbanism Ion Mincu

The “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urbanism in Bucharest is the oldest and most important academic institution in this field in Romania. Built in the Neo Romanian architectural style, its foundation is closely linked to the rise of modern Romania and the setting of its new institutional structure and culture, during the second half of the 19th century.