14 days / 250 participants
17 workshops / 6 speakers
One amazing experience

2016, August 1-15

Geometric Strategies

If you are interested in the computational design field, this is the right workshop for you. Together with your team, you can test and put to practice concepts of parametric design and augmented reality. Create complex geometry with parametric design tools or use advanced algorithmic design and interactive installations.
The main objective of this workshop is to take your design through all the steps of the process – from idea to fabrication. You will have the possibility to complete the design process with digital fabrication and create physical models.
Create objects whose design and production has followed a parametric process. Contrasts can be created, for example, through the combination between new technologies and traditional materials, or through the resulted antithesis between the site you choose and the innovative structure you design.

Suggested sites: The Romanian Peasant Museum, Dimitrie Gusti National Village Museum, Combinatul fondului plastic (CFP)

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