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2016, August 1-15

Herăstrău Park Interventions

The largest park in Bucharest is Herăstrău Park – with a surface of 1.1 square kilometers. The park is crossed by the lake with the same name. Over time, there have been a lot of interventions to improve the landscape of the park, yet some areas have remained unattended.

Crossing over the lake
Alongside the lake there is a promenade, shared by both bikers and pedestrians. At the point where the lake is crossed by a railway bridge, people tend to close the loop of the promenade. However, using the existing bridge is not a suitable option. This was not designed to be used by people with bicycles or baby strollers and the access path is steep and slippery. For these reasons, a new solution that considers more thoroughly the actual user experience could be developed and implemented during the workshop.

We thought of 3 possible directions of approaching a project in this area:
a. rehabilitating the existing access paths to the existing railway bridge
b. creating a new crossing solution that keeps in mind that the respective area can be crossed by boats (therefore the new crossing proposal should be mobile or should not hinder in any way the lake traffic)
c. manifest/statement: creating an installation that attracts the municipality’s attention upon the problem.

Other proposals that solve the problem or generate a positive effect are welcomed as well.

Adventure park area
There is an area in the proximity of the adventure park that has remained unattended and could be revitalized either by repurposing, building upon or nearby two existing structures.
Such a project may involve building a pavilion, urban furniture or an installation (or any other proposal that fits the theme of the event “City of Contrasts” and generates a positive outcome in the area).

Lakeshore interventions
We identified a series of areas by the lake where small interventions could be developed.

Please take into consideration that the shore edge is rather high and the interventions should put safety first.

Skate park area
The skate park has been reconfigured several times in order to better fit the users’ needs. However, the reconfiguration has blocked certain features and some areas have been left unattended. We found two areas that could be further developed and bring added value to the user experience in the skate park.

The island
The park has four islands on the lake. Three of them are closer to the shore and have been connected through bridges. The one that’s left is only reachable by boat, but due to its position, it is offers a great view from several points on the shore.
A small scale intervention using lightweight materials could make this island an even more interesting spot.

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