14 days / 250 participants
17 workshops / 6 speakers
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2016, August 1-15

Lapidarium – Geology Museum

A Lapidarium is a place where stone monuments and fragments of archaeological interest are exhibited.

For this workshop, tutors need to think of connecting pathways with sitting spots between 3 different lapidariums each containing an arrangement of various types of rocks:

1. Stonehenge 6: a Stonehenge type of arrangement containing 6 types of large upright standing stones like Menhirs & Dolomites (originated from southern France & England).

2. Lapidarium: This type of arrangement will contain stones extracted from geological monuments found in Romania & stone used for in constructions.

3. Triangle: An arrangement containing 3 basalt columns from the geological monument found in Detunata, Alba Iulia County.

This workshop (or a complementary one) should also contain the development and implementation of a signage concept for a large display announcing the exhibition at the entrance & info panels displaying information for each stone arrangement.

All implemented design should be simple, not too colorful (shades of yellow and green) and focused on making the stones stand out. Proper night illumination is to be taken into consideration. The pathway should be thought out of pebble. There is no limit to the types of materials used your design as long as it fulfills the requirement that the rock exhibition should stand out.

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